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From: James N Rose <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 08:41:30 -0700

Joao wrote:

"Speaking as a devout Platonist ..."

About 7 years ago I realized there was
a severe contradiction resident in modern
concepts of Being.

Godel's Incompleteness Theorems have
established a condition-of-knowledge which seem
to challenge if not negate Platonic thought.

I'd like to get your ideas on the following:

Consider the Platonic Ideal of 'apple'. I can
almost guarantee that your mind immediately came
up with an image of 'apple' including stem, colorful
skin, other qualities, etc.

As Godel designated -system internally consistent-,
we might at first presume the two depictions to be

But I submit that per Godel, 'apple' includes only
those characteristics or qualia evident up to
but not external to the bounds of the system,
whatever they may be.

That being the case, 'color' of any existential
ideal-apple exists only in the out-space where the
platonic apple per se -does not-.

Therefore 'color' and 'apple' - in any platonic sense -
must be mutually exclusive. Which seems to press the
2500 year old standing impression of 'ideal apple'.

Another discontinuity.

If you climb Mount Everest and sit down on it,
does the mountain now satisfy the platonic ideal
of "chair"?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts,

James Rose
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