"I" the mirror

From: Colin Hales <colin.domain.name.hidden>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 11:59:01 +1100

Dear Everythingers,

This is a query placed as a result of failing to succeed to find answers
when googling my way around the place for a very long time (2 years). I am
about to conclude that a) no such discourse exists or b) that it is
disguised in a form of physics/math that my searching has not uncovered.

I know it is off-topic but I thought I'd run it by you folk as the most
eclectic agglomerators of knowledge in the multiverse. Off-list replies
welcome - keep the noise down and all that.

Q. What branch of science has ascertained the role and status of the image
in a first person perspective of a mirror? .ie. 'be' the mirror.

The answer 'there ain't one as far as I know' is as acceptable as anything.
I just need to know what's out there. If there's nothing there then I take
it I'm in that breezy lonely spot past the front lines of epistemology and
trundle on assuming (a) above.

Thanks in advance.


Colin Hales
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