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From: Osher Doctorow, Sunday Nov. 10, 2002 5:45PM


Well said! I am very happy that some Australians have a sense of humor,
which I hadn't realized until now. I know that British and Irish humor are
excellent. USA humor varies between the mediocre and the sublime.

This reminds me of the last time that I wrote similarly about Creative
Genius on the internet to a forum of rather incompetent (mostly) teachers,
after which one teacher replied with a hysterical email accusing me of
implying that I am a Creative Genius and everybody else is ___ (expletive
deleted). Her argument was that teachers are so dedicated and loving and
kind and generous and...etc., that to criticize them was tantamount to
blasphemy. I hesitated to tell her (and I did not) that expletives deleted
as a way of life are more common among the Mediocre than other categories in
my opinion. My wife, Marleen J. Doctorow, Ph.D., a licensed clinical
psychologist for over 30 years, would be very proud of me if she had any
time left after her patients. Oops! Did I imply anything about her? If
so, I withdraw my last sentence. : > )


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> > 1. The acceptance of nonsense for publishing or Ph.D.s or M.A.s or
M.S.s is
> > obviously wrong.
> >
> > 4. Mediocre scientific people in my definition don't even have the
> > to imitate (see below).
> Why are you being so hard on yourself??
> Tongue firmly pressed against cheek,
> Duraid
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