Good summary of Bogdanov controversy

From: Tim May <>
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 12:44:24 -0800

A good summary of the Bogdanov controversy is in the New York Times
today. URL is

Some of the folks we like to quote here are quoted in the article,
including Lee Smolin, John Baez, Carlo Rovelli, etc.

Also, the latest "Wired" print issue has a fairly good survey article
by Kevin Kelly about theories of the universe as a cellular automaton.
Konrad Zuse gets prominent mention, along with Ed Fredkin. I didn't
read the article closely, so I didn't notice if either Tegmark or
Schmidhuber were mentioned. The usual stuff about CA rules, Wolfram's
book, etc.

Things have been quiet here on the Everything list. I haven't been
commenting on my own reading, which is from books such "Physics Meets
Philosophy at the Planck Scale" and "Entanglement." Isham's collection
of essays on QM should arrive momentarily at my house. My interest
continues to be in topos theory, modal logic, and quantum logic.

--Tim May
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Current main interest: category and topos theory, math, quantum
reality, cosmology.
Background: physics, Intel, crypto, Cypherpunks
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