Re: Duplication Thought Experiment Involving Complementarity

From: George Levy <>
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 10:06:10 -0700

Stephen Paul King wrote:

> Umm, I suspect that there is a minimul distance possible between the
> Kirk that is some function of the speed of light so that no arbitrary
> pair
> of Kirk Copies could communicate with each other such to exchage
> classical
> information regarding their experiences and thus generating a casual
> conflict. My point is that what ever spreading out in space that we
> can do
> with Kirk Clones, the Lorentz transform allows for spreading out in time.
> Thus any distribution is limited i such a way that they can not
> communicate
> with each other as to determined which one is the "Real MacCoy", oh I
> mean,
> Kirk. [;-)]
> *
The impossibility of the Kirks to occupy the same position at the same
time during the transport experiment reminds me of fermionic versus
bosonic behavior.
I wonder if there is a connection between fermions/bosons and the MWI.

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