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From: Wei Dai <>
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 15:16:29 -0700

How many people here share my interest in decision theory as it relates to
the all universes hypothesis? I recently found two papers that seem

Decision Theory without Logical Omniscience: Toward an Axiomatic Framework 
for Bounded Rationality
Barton L. Lipman
I propose modeling boundedly rational agents as agents who are not
logically omniscient — that is, who do not know all logical or
mathematical implications of what they know. I show how a subjective state
space can be derived as part of a subjective expected utility
representation of the agent’s preferences. The representation exists under
very weak conditions. The representation uses the familiar language of
probability, utility, and states of the world in the hope that this makes
this model of bounded rationality easier to use in applications.
Quantum Theory of Probability and Decisions
David Deutsch
The probabilistic predictions of quantum theory are conventionally 
obtained from a special probabilistic axiom. But that is unnecessary 
because all the practical consequences of such predictions follow from the 
remaining, non-probabilistic, axioms of quantum theory, together with the 
non-probabilistic part of classical decision theory. 
I would like to discuss these papers if anyone else is interested.
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