Re: Immortality

From: K. S. Ryan <>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 15:15:45


Religion is a system of beliefs describing our place in the cosmos.

Tha basic premise of all religions is that we are best when we act in
accordance with universal principles.

Prophets describe our place in the cosmos by explaining universal

Fundamentalists of all sorts are in conflict with the modern world because
universal principles are increasingly scientific, secular, and physically

Old school religions are losing market share to the modern world.
But the modern world does not offer a unified system of beleif describing
our place in the universe. Contemporary truths are not packaged as a whole,
as a spiritual intellectual-emotional raison d'etre. Thus, while educated
modern worlders may not be convinced by old school religious beliefs, there
is not a modern unified system to replace them. Because we are human, we
think a lot, and need to know what the individual means to the whole. What
is our place in the cosmos? That is the question. And there is turbulance.


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