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> Also the "personal religion" question: what is religion?

What man does to hide himself from himself.

> not the
> fable with the old bearded gentleman in the nightgown.

Some alternate concepts on god in terms of observations (made by me)

-when a man wants his way with a beautiful woman, he wants the god in

-the opposite sex is a physical shape for something that has no shape.

-when you are having sex with your partner, you are having sex with god

-all things embody the trinity principle in some form: mother, father,
  son principle/s. For anything to live, there must be a balance of all
  three in some expression. For humanity, it is seen externally as
  man, woman, and child.

-when you feel pleasure or ecstasy, your consciousness is operating in
 heaven (while on earth)

-Jesus The Christ could raise the dead, because his consciousness
 one with the principles behind physical life (among other things)

-We are all the christ, we just don't know it. If we did, we could
 raise the dead and walk on water as well. We would no longer be
 separate from the things around us (in consciousness)

-The spirit christ is consciousness.

-God is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent

-The spirit Christ is god manifest in his creation

It's not my intent to be preachy, I just can't stand seeing people
embrace the old man in the white gown thing as the only explanation
of god and christ.

Robert W.

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