My one page model and info storage

From: Hal Ruhl <>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 19:30:51 -0700

To clarify my model there is no type of information storage step supporting
the transitions between successive isomorphic links nor can there be to
adhere to the postulate.

None of the systems components are in any way stable so there are no
equilibriums of any sort. One could call the system "frizzy fuzzy" such
that the "no information" content basis is the sustained condition.

This translates into the idea that a group of sequential "Somethings" all
have some degree of overlapping partial manifestation. [The motion picture
of viewing a very large dense flock of butterflies [the "Somethings" as the
"frizz"] in a heavy fog [the "Nothing" as the "fuzz"] from a point deep
inside the flock comes to mind.]

Thus an evolving universe can have some non zero fraction of a trajectory
always available if its rules of succession are random enough to always
find acceptable links in the random "frizzy fuzz".

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