Re: Who is the enemy?

From: George Levy <>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 13:18:24 -0700

George Levy wrote:
> Wonderful post Bruno! I agree with you 100%.

Oops! I really mean I am 100% sure I do not disagree with you and do not
agree with you.

George :-)

Bruno wrote:
>I consider atheism as a form of positive religious belief.
>If D represents the proposition "God exists" (let us say), then

> -the believer says []D (I believe in God)
> -the atheist says []-D (I believe in the inexistence of God)
> -the agnostic says -[]D and -[]-D (I don't believe in God and
                            I don't believe in the inexistence of God)

>The agnostic is either indifferent or is awaiting for more information.

>I just say this because I consider real atheist as very religious
>people, and, what is worth is that most of the time they want us to
>believe they have no religion.
>Only the agnostic can be said not having still made its religion (yet).

>The problem arises because the modalities []-x and -[]x are confused
>in most natural language.
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