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From: Marchal <>
Date: Sat Sep 15 08:27:06 2001

Charles Goodwin wrote:

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>> Perhaps. But if you do that move, everyone is resurrected in
>> everyone, and
>> there is only one person in the multiverse. I don't know. James Higgo
>> was more radical on this, he defended the idea of zero person.
>> With just comp this issue is probably undecidable. I guess
>> comp (perhaps
>> QM too) can lead to a vast variety of incompatible but
>> consistent point of
>> view on those matter. Comp is compatible whith a lot of personal
>> possible interpretations of what is identity. What is
>> possible to prove
>> with comp is the non normative principle according to which personal
>> identity is *in part* necessarily a matter of personal opinion.
>> What remains to do is to compute the "real" probabilities to
>> backtrack with
>> amnesia compare to the probability to quantum/comp-survive
>> big injuries.
>> I doubt we have currently the tools to do those computations.
>I will be interested to know the results when you do!

The only result I get is that the "measure 1" obeys sort of quantum
logic (like "measure 1" in QM obeys Birkhof-von Neumann QL).

>Of course the doctrine of reincarnation (it always seemed to me)
>only requires one soul - a bit like Feynman's one-electron
>universe, it just zip-zags back and forth...

Yes. That is why comp could make altruism an egoist necessity.

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