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>Bruno Marchal:
>> 1) The Schmidhuber-Ruhl-Dobrzelewski-... approaches (SRD)....
>> 2) The other approaches, which take into account the fact that we have
>> not yet solved the mind body problem.....
>Von Weizsaecker said, long time ago, that
>"Nature is earlier than man.
>But man is earlier than natural science".
>Is that a third approach?

Reminder: first person plural point of views arise when
entire population of machines are multiplied, like in the
quantum MWI. In that case the indeterminacy
is sharable, (like in quantum computing, or like in EPR-Bell
type of experiences).

Von Weizsaecker's sentence is third or first-plural approach.
I don't know.
I would bet on first-plural.
The existence of empirical quantum indeterminacy is evidence that
we share some sort of self-multiplication "since a long time".

Of course "natural science" is an ambiguous experience.
I suppose you mean "Human Natural Science".

God's treatise on General Possible Science belongs to Babel Library in
Plato Heaven, out of time. Math makes possible (for relative
UTMs) to glimpse a little bit of those atemporal realities.

Note that the devil's treatise belong in Babel too, btw.
Note also that no glimpse can be enough deep for making
possible for a UTM to distinguish those treatise with *complete*
confidence ...

The sound universal machine cannot not be modest and prudent.

Er... Sorry for the digression :-)

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