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From: jamikes <>
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 11:02:40 -0400

Bruno said:
> I agree. I guess some misunderstandings came from that
> double sens. I do use "logic" as a branch of math.
> To be sure I don't believe that logic is a special
> branch capable to provide foundation for the other
> part of math. This is the philosophical logicist thesis
> which has been abandonned since Godel's result.
> Quite the contrary, big part of math are used in logic.
> Having said all this, I must say that I believe logic
> can have important application in biology, psychology,
> theology, philosophy, artificial intelligence,
> computer science, etc.
> Bruno
Even in the esoteric case if you include legal matters into your logic, <G>
all these are the workings of the human mind with its restrictions by
the tools available to us now.
I repeat: nature is not restricted by 'our' logic. Final conclusions we draw
(mathematically formulated or else) are our standpoint only.
There are two possibilities: either restrict our interest in 'nature' to the
aspect we can handle in the mind, or we have to accept wider aspects
as possibilities beyond what we find "reasonable".
John Mikes
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