Re: Belief & Knowledge

From: Marchal <>
Date: Mon May 7 07:18:11 2001

Robert W. wrote:

>Let's be clear on the meaning of *logic*. Logic as a
>reasoning power existed before the discipline of
>formalized logic.
>One can have a very powerful logical reasoning
>facility without having attented a course on the

I agree. I guess some misunderstandings came from that
double sens. I do use "logic" as a branch of math.

To be sure I don't believe that logic is a special
branch capable to provide foundation for the other
part of math. This is the philosophical logicist thesis
which has been abandonned since Godel's result.

Quite the contrary, big part of math are used in logic.
Having said all this, I must say that I believe logic
can have important application in biology, psychology,
theology, philosophy, artificial intelligence,
computer science, etc.

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