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Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 17:48:12 +1100 (EST)

Extract from a web page I have about ghostscript, which can be
obtained from

Ghostscript is freeware postscript viewing and rendering software
available for most platforms. The viewing software
goes by different names on different operating systems. For Unix/VMS
platforms, use gv, MSWindows use GSView
and on MacOS, use Mac GS Viewer.

You will need to configure your web browser so that the
application/postscript MIME type will launch the
postscript viewer when you click on a link. Typically, this under a
heading ``Applications'' or ``Helpers'' in the
preferences, or options panel of the browser.

You may also use ghostscript to print postscript files on a wide
variety of non-postscript printers, such as the cheap
ink/bubble jet printers available today.

Ghostscript will also handle PDF files, so you may wish to set your
browser to use it for the application/pdf MIME
type instead of using Adobe's Acroread software. The main advantage in
doing this is the superior user interface of the
viewer software. The main disadvantage is occasionally PDF documents
are not compatible with ghostscript, but are
with Acroread. Even more occasionally, however, PDF documents are
incompatible with Acroread, but can be viewed
with Ghostscript!

George Levy wrote:
> Stephen Paul King wrote:[SPK]
> > It is trivial to show that TM's can not give rise to consciousness for the simple
> > reason that consciousness is not "pre-specifiable" in its behaviour. Have you read
> > Peter Wegner's papers about this?
> and from a previous post:
> [SPK]
> > I agree. But could you get into detail on the nature of "allowed"?
> > What is the constraint? (I think that all that is needed is the weak anthropic principle
> > but I could be missing something.) I think that we should consider the rule
> > "All is allowed that is not Forbidden" (by logical contradiction) instead of the usual
> notion
> > " All is forbidden that is not allowed" (by prespecification, e.g. a priori algorithms)
> > Peter Wegner has done a lot of research on this issue:
> >
> I can't read his paper because my software doesn't accept PS File format... I have Adobe
> but this doesn't seem to help... Do you have any suggestions?
> George

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