Re: on formally indescribable merde

From: George Levy <>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 22:53:32 -0800

Stephen Paul King wrote:[SPK]

> It is trivial to show that TM's can not give rise to consciousness for the simple
> reason that consciousness is not "pre-specifiable" in its behaviour. Have you read
> Peter Wegner's papers about this?

and from a previous post:

> I agree. But could you get into detail on the nature of "allowed"?
> What is the constraint? (I think that all that is needed is the weak anthropic principle

> but I could be missing something.) I think that we should consider the rule
> "All is allowed that is not Forbidden" (by logical contradiction) instead of the usual
> " All is forbidden that is not allowed" (by prespecification, e.g. a priori algorithms)
> Peter Wegner has done a lot of research on this issue:


 I can't read his paper because my software doesn't accept PS File format... I have Adobe
but this doesn't seem to help... Do you have any suggestions?

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