Re: Comp and isomorphic continuity.

From: Hal Ruhl <>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 19:13:58 -0800

Dear Bruno:

I was referring below to the isomorphic couplings and their existence not
the existence of physical universes which I agree may be considered
redundant and not actually in the Everything including my model of it.

But this brings to mind an interesting possibility. My model may actually
demonstrate that your substitute mechanism must exist. I put this in
another post.


At 3/19/01, you wrote:
>Hal Ruhl wrote:
> >As I understand it Comp says that all those physical universe isomorphic
> >couplings to the output of the UD somehow exist.
>With comp there is no *physical* universe. Just (relative) computational
>histories. Appearance of *physical universe* are explained as
>first person plural view of collection of deep computational histories.
>(Deep in Bennett's sense). It is locally third person. It is the tangent
>point of view.
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