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> >
> > Of course we are hard-wired to perceive the
> passage
> > of time,
> > three-dimensional space, and the pleasure of sex.
> > Physics and Darwin
> > provide explanations of this. What's your
> > explanation?...oh, never
> > mind, I know..."It just is."
> >
> > Brent Meeker
 I answered some of this in another post....
 We perceive 3-space because we have tools to take
 in it and the ability to relate and associate
 observations in this space with other sensory
 Pleasure is a spiritual sensation. You cannot
 it terms of states. Describing it as a feeling that
 the opposite of pain does not work. All feelings we
 have that we say are pleasurable-or-not cannot be
 correlated to empirical data taken from stimulating
 someone. YOu can only say that certain brain
 have certain physical results, and that the person
 *says* they feel pleasure. YOu cannot prove that the
 consciousness of the person is receiving pleasure as
 the direct result of stimulus to "pleasure centers
 the brain".
 As far as time, I described this in a separate post
 terms of my own theory.
 In it I said time is an illusion and we perceive it
 because of sampling of descrete events. Our
 consciousness is timeless but our thinking in this
 consciousness can be organized as a temporal stream.
 Each thought being a frame in a sequence. Each frame
 is timeless. We say time has transpired because of
 behavior of external events, the ticking of a
 second hand for example.
 If you force the clock to exist over an epoch we
 see it as a 4 dimensional object. The hands of the
 clock would form fluid swirling patterns that extend
 over the length of the clock's epoch. Someone trying
 to see this clock as moving forward in time would
 to to take 3dimentional slices of the 4 dimensional
 clock along the direction of the 4th dimension to
 descrete frames projecting the clock's apparent
 forward motion in time.
 I assert that physical existence tends to express
 things in such a way that we perceive time, forming
 externally driven tendency to form thought this way.
 Robert W.

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