Occam's razor and my model.

From: Hal Ruhl <hjr.domain.name.hidden>
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2000 22:37:06 -0800

When you pop the hood and look inside, my model is based on just the following:

1) N-bit binary strings are viable representations of "suitable pieces"
that help form a suitable Everything.

2) To avoid a static "selected" Everything the "suitable pieces" circulate
at random.

3) While circulating the "suitable pieces" can associate into sequences
according to fixed rules of membership internal to that sequence.

4) The rules can have a non deterministic content.

5) Some "suitable pieces" are actually "states of universes".

6) Some rules sequence "states of universes" into "suitable cascades".

7) "Suitable cascades" can not stop on a finite N-bit binary string.

7) "States of universes" that can have a valid successor in "suitable
cascades" are isomorphic to finite N-bit binary strings.

8) Our universe is a "suitable cascade".

9) Chaitin's incompleteness.

10) There are only 2^N N-bit strings.


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