Patterns and postulates.

From: Hal Ruhl <>
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 20:47:10 -0800

"Patterns" would be useful elements from which to construct an Everything
since they can have dimension higher than zero. "Patterns" also fit the
idea of "seething foamy fractal" much better than "number".

Using patterns my postulate would look something like the following:

1) POSTULATE: All patterns exist with infinite copies in a seething foamy

Call this fractal Everything.

Some of these patterns can be represented by strings consisting of at most
a countable infinity of binary bits.

Every physical universe Uj is isomorphic to a self sorting sequence U'j(i)
of this type of string representable patterns that, upon chance encounters
between patterns in the fractal, they self sort according to:

      (1) Pj(i) = {Rj(Uj(i - 1)) + PLj(i)} has the same length in bits as
the AIT complexity of Uj(i).


Rj is the fixed rule set of Uj

Uj(i - 1) is the previous pattern's representing string.

Rj(Uj(i - 1)) is Rj acting as a comparison filter based on Uj(i - 1) as data.

PLj(i) is the program length self delimiter.

Uj(i) is the current pattern's representing string.

This would return me to the top of my model.

"Pattern" needs better definition.


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