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> > > I just want to be more explicit in my characterization of the guardian
> > > angels, the fatalisitic slobs and the narcissistic gods.
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> > I don't know how you justify dividing the ETs into such neat
> > categories, based on the MWI and the feasability of QS. That is
> > not clear to me at all from your posts so far. Why couldn't an
> > ET who understands MWI and QS (and, assuming that QS *is*
> > feasable) still behave like one of the ones that SETI is
> > searching for? I.e. broadcast their presence and interact with
> > other civilizations?
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> OK Chris, this is a valid point worth investigating. We agree that those ET
> (the aspiring gods) who do QS are out of the picture and would not be
> candidate for SETI. The fatalistic ETs are still around, but why should they
> bother wasting their time sending you signals? From their point of views
> nothing matters. These also are out of the SETI search.
> So the only ET's that may be candidates for SETI are those not tempted by the
> vision of divinity and who have enough motivation to send you signals.
> Now, let's try to go into the psychology of any ET or as a matter of fact any
> human who truly believe in MW immortality. This requires a little bit of
> introspection which I cannot avoid. Putting myself into his shoes (or
> appendages coverings) I would find life wonderful. Since I am immortal, why
> be afraid of anything? Absolutely nothing bad can happen to me. This feeling
> of security turns life into a sport to be enjoyed, rather than into a
> struggle against death. I could then afford to be more magnanimous with
> others less fortunate than myself.
> The knowledge of the MW also gives me the perspective that consciousness is a
> continuum linking all conscious being together. (this is something I talked
> about some time ago.) The difference between "Me" and "You" becomes fuzzy. In
> a sense we are all "one." With this comes the idea of participation.
> If we conceive of ET's having such an attitude toward other races, we may
> very well accept the fact that he may become very protective of less advanced
> races, to allow them the chance to grow, evolve and achieve the best of their
> potential.


> Those ET's much more advanced then us would remain hidden. On
> the other hand those at the same level, would probably be willing to
> communicate and cooperate with us, in all kinds of fields.
> The question is how many civilization are almost exactly at the same level as
> us. I believe extremely few. The window of time is probably one hundred year.
> Our progress is currently hitting the knee of an exponential curve.

George, this is an error. There is no such thing as a special "knee"
of the exponential curve. For any exponential curve, the scale of
the vertical axis determines where the "knee" appears, and one can
select that scale to make the "knee" appear anywhere on the x-axis
that one desires. Try it!!

> In one
> hundred years, advances in computer and genetic will transform our
> civilization beyond recognition and we'll become like the hidden ET's, (I
> hope).
> This does not bid too well for the SETI project, but it's worth trying.
> George Levy

Chris Maloney
"Let us recommend ourselves to Providence."
-- Candide (Voltaire)
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