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> George, your thoughts on ETs are remarkable, clear and pure.
> I think you fashion the ETs exactly in our terrestrial (and present)
> ways of thinking and existence.
> Our "mind" is the product of the "Gaian" biosphere conditions.
> How else could we 'design' them, if no in sci-fi?
> John Mikes
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Thank you John for your feedback. I am sure others will not be as generous.
What you say is partially true. We are deeply influenced by "Gaia", our
environment. However, there are certain concepts which have bearing far
beyond our earth. For example the current physical sciences apply almost to
the begining of time and to the end of space. Concepts like evolutionary
selection of the fittest and the anthropy principle have an almost
mathematical quality to them, and are surely universal.

I just want to be more explicit in my characterization of the guardian
angels, the fatalisitic slobs and the narcissistic gods.

The guardian angels are outwardly focussed. Their view of the MW provides
them with boundless optimism which stems from their relativistic belief that
their measure does not decrease upon death. Since, they believe in their own
immortality their attitude is to live to the fullest, to cooperate, be good
to each other and enjoy their unending experience of the MW. Even though they
may be in the valley of the shadow of death, their cup runneth over. QS is
anathema to them. Their highest regards is to respect, preserve, protect and
promote creation. They strive to shield lesser civilizations that haven't
reached their level, just as earth's environmetalists are protecting
endangered animals. Their contribution to the MW is one of creation.

The fatalistic slobs also believe that measure does not decrease upon death.
Measure does not decrease and does not increase no matter what. So why
bother? Their lack the moral drive of the guardian angels and the narcissism
of the gods leads them to achieve their nirvana by denying their own self and
by merging with the "whole" MW. This leads them to a kind of suicide which
you may call ZS (Zen suicide), and in this regards they are similar to the
gods. Their contribution to the MW is zero.

The narcissistic gods are egocentric, self centered, self interested,
egostistical, and egomaniacal. Their goal in life is to seek self
satisfaction. Their disrespect for creation is so extreme that they sacrifice
their own life to reach divinity. The creation of their world involves their
own destruction in ours. They rather be the god of a small pond then a fish
in a big one. (Except, they can argue that the size of the pond always
appears to be the same, no matter how many times they die, and in this they
share the optimism of the guardian angels) Their contribution to the MW is
one of destruction.

It is possible I suppose for gods to become guardian angels and vice versa,
or for fatalistic slobs to change to angels or to gods.

Niclas wrote:
>Heh, I briefly wondered about something like this a while back - Is
>misguided QS the cause of doom for most civilisations? As you mention,
>however, the ASSA should be carefully pondered before trying anything
>stupid. And surely aliens would too.

I agree.

Richard Lubbock wrote:
>What is QS? I'm jut a poor ignorant lurker on this list and I don't
>know all these clever things.

Quantum Suicide (QS) uses the hypothesis that, when, from an observer A point
of view, person B appears to die or commit suicide, person B perceives
himself to continue living even though he will appear to be dead according to
person A. The basis for this hypothesis is that the Multiple World
Interpretation postulates that the "universe splits" upon every quantum event
and that the person who appears to die actually, "may" continues to live in a
small number of branches in which the conditions prevailing in his
environment are not supporting his death.

QS is the concept that you could for example set up a suicide situation in
which you instantly die unless you win one million dollars at the lottery.
The result is that you die in most world where you don't win the lottery, but
in those worlds where you do win, you will perceive yourself winning -
obviously. In no world will you lose AND be conscious. The issue that has
been argued in this group is whether the number of branches where a person
lives (the measure) is an absolute number or a relative one. If it is
absolute, then death does decrease the "measure" of a person. On the other
hand, if it is relative, then measure appears to be the same to any observer,
no matter, how many times he has performed QS.

BTW, PLEASE DON"T QS. IT"S ONLY A HYPOTHESIS. In any case, you'll find out
soon enough through entirely natural means about death and immortality!

George Levy
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