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Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 14:30:06 -0700 (PDT)

--- Marchal <> wrote:
> I was just saying that if we take a purely
> mathematical ontology we must adress the problem of
> explaining the phenomenology of the apparent
> concrete singular substance. Even if we derive the
> physical laws from the "mathematical laws" (explaing
> the absence of wabbits), we must still explain what
> appears to be a electron, a moon, etc. I guess you
> know that ...

    If we explain the appearance of physical laws,
that seems to solve the problem.
> > As you know, I would find the measure
> >distribution of conscious computations by counting
> >their implementations.
> And my remark was that you need to define what is an
> implementation without using a physical predicate
> (if you say that the physics is in the math). Or you
> must explain the appearence of physical predicate
> from the math. Beware vicious circles.

    The types of definition I look at are applicable
to some mathematically defined system. Whether it is
"physical" or "mathematical" does not come in.

> You cannot attach consciousness to ONE program
> emulated by the UD, you need to take into account
> "similar" program.

    I'm not sure what you mean. If it's that
observationalist (Liebnitz) crap, I reject that. But
the measure sums over all programs.

> You will make disappear the 3-Wabbits. But with comp
> (cf UDA) you need to make disappear the 1-wabbits
> too. (Do you remember ?)

    Not well enough to know what you mean, but I never
understood the 1-crap.

> >It will have "brains" which are the sub-parts
> >giving rise to such [consciousness].
> With comp or with QM you will not be able to define
> in a univocal way what *is* a sub-part.

    Maybe, but I don't really need to. That part is
for convenience.

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