Re: History-less observer moments

From: Fred Chen <>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 22:06:26 -0700

Higgo James wrote:

> The 'why me?' thought is associated with other thoughts, and I'm not curious
> about what those other thoughts are. All thoughts exist, so the question of
> why this not that is silly: it's just a matter of random sampling of OMs to
> use Jacques's terminology.
> I don't include or exclude an 'ordinary physics universe'. If you look at
> things from the right perspective you will see an 'ordinary physics
> universe' so in that sense it exists. Objectively, it does not.
> >

I think we are ratholing here. The point of contention has become the objective experience.
James does not apparently subscribe to it; the physicists do, perhaps due to their training,
while George and Russell have balanced between subjective and objective ('1st and 3rd person').

I do believe one needs an objective framework (math, logic) against which concepts can be judged
valid or invalid. Concepts such as that expressed by "a dropped object falls under gravity."

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