Re: Natural selection (spinoff from "History-less observer moments")

From: Russell Standish <>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 15:17:22 +1000 (EST) wrote:
> Great Fred, I had exactly the same thought. The selection of ideas, just like
> the selection of life forms, does not have to follow Occam. Otherwise we
> would still be slime in the mud.
> Anthropic selection is yet another kind of selection.
> While natural selection (selection of the individual by the world) is 3rd
> person effect, anthropy (selection of the world by the individual) is a 1st
> person effect. They are identical except that the frame of reference is
> different.

Interesting. This is exactly what I assert in my "Evolution in the
paper. ( Any comments
on that paper would be appreciated.


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