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Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 11:34:14 +0200

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>You're missing the point:

this is quite possible, for I often don't understand much of what all of you
are talking about.

>'the world' for 'you' is your current idea.
>Speculation about miracles is part of your current idea. There is no
>necessary connection between your speculation and anything else.

I don't understand : my current idea must be approximately adequate to
something I call "reality". If my idea is that "I can go through this wall",
this is fine, but I won't succeed in doing so. you can tell me that
somewhere in the plenitude there is a universe with people going through
walls, but why do we never observe that ? It is very unlikely that I am in a
world (or that I have this idea of being in a world) with physical laws that
can't be by-passed, just by chance. You will perhaps find all this far too
naive, but what I want is just to complain about is this idea of plenitude
containing anything. For instance you can't put in it a world containing
something which is mathematically inconsistent.
Fabien Besnard

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