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From: Fred Chen <>
Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 20:21:47 -0700

Scott, at least for me, this list is a bulletin board to post your ideas
as well as a source of ideas that are being discussed, often
enthusiastically and occasionally heatedly. Sometimes people will
respond to your post if the idea resonates with them. There are actually
camps or schools of thought, such as computationalism, or subjectivism,
on this list. Please view the archives to see some threads of thought
which have been pursued previously.

A lot of times, the replies include excerpts of messages being
specifically addressed. However, there are a few instances, where the
whole previous message is included, which is unnecessary but seldom.


Scott D. Yelich wrote:

> (1) Is this list moderated? (At this very moment?)
> (2) Why is it that only 3 or 5 people seem to be posting
> to this list and all others are summarily ignored?
> (3) LEARN TO EDIT YOUR RESPONSES. If you're adding
> less new text than you're including, then perhaps
> you should either re-think your desire to post -- or
> at least edit what you're including.
> (4) Is this thing on? *tap* *tap* hello? Why
> is it that whenever anyone has a new idea on this list,
> it apepars to be ignored? It's obvious we all can't
> just get along -- but do we contantly have to see the
> same boring argument go around and around?
> Right here, right now,
> Scott
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