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From: Russell Standish <>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 09:52:40 +1000 (EST)

Dear Scott,
        I answer to your questions, no there is no moderation of this
list. There used to be more than 3-5 people active on this list, but I
guess a number of people got busy, and are off doing other
things. There have been some great ideas raised and discussed on this
list in the past - you only need to browse the archives. However, it
is true that in recent months, the discussion has got a bit
stale. That is how it goes. As for ideas being ignored, I think you'll
find that the ignored ideas are so obviously crackpot, or completely
incoherent, that noone felt it worth responding. Some really crazy
ideas have been discussed in this list, and drawn out some interesting


Scott D. Yelich wrote:
> (1) Is this list moderated? (At this very moment?)
> (2) Why is it that only 3 or 5 people seem to be posting
> to this list and all others are summarily ignored?
> (3) LEARN TO EDIT YOUR RESPONSES. If you're adding
> less new text than you're including, then perhaps
> you should either re-think your desire to post -- or
> at least edit what you're including.
> (4) Is this thing on? *tap* *tap* hello? Why
> is it that whenever anyone has a new idea on this list,
> it apepars to be ignored? It's obvious we all can't
> just get along -- but do we contantly have to see the
> same boring argument go around and around?
> Right here, right now,
> Scott
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