Re: AUH/MWI/UDA (Was: Everything is Just a Memory)

From: Fred Chen <>
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2000 15:23:42 -0800

I need to ask a couple of questions about MWI dominance of AUH below.

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> From: Marchal <>
> > How could MWI dominates AUH ? How could "Everett worlds" dominate "All
> > worlds"?
> (Remembering the context of only-SAS-worlds, and Everett as the only
> consistent MWI:)
> Presumably there is some bit-string+interpretation that specifies the most
> SAS's for a given minimum functional length. If this string+interpretation
> is equivalent to MWI, then we are likely to be in the universe described by
> it, and under these circumstances MWI will dominate the AUH, that is, the
> measure for all SAS's will be dominated by those inhabiting MWI-worlds. (The
> only other remotely reasonable possibility (but intuitively less likely) is
> that there are several disparate theories specifying a comparable number of
> SAS's per minimum information unit, and we happen to be in the MWI one.)
> >

Can it be argued that the "simplicity" (of QM interpretation, computational
implementation) of MWI gives it a larger measure among other possibilities? Or
is it the large number of worlds generated by MWI splittings that would do this?

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