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From: Kim Jones <>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 21:47:04 +1000

What's important? Thinking is perhaps the most important thing humans
do. By and large they are pretty slip-shod at it. The problems of
Global Warming and the Global Financial Crisis pale into
insignificance compared to the problem of the disastrous quality of
much of human thinking.

For those interested in creative thinking in particular and thinking
skills generally. I have helped to set up and launch this new venture
by Edward de Bono which, like the Everything List, is intended to be a
bit of a swimming pool for high-quality thinkers.

Everyone welcome. If you are unacquainted with Edward's oeuvre, this
is the quickest way to get an education! In 1995, Edward had an
asteroid named after him. He is on a list of 200 thinkers who have
contributed the most to human civilisation throughout history.

For some training movies featuring the man himself, click straight onto:

see some of you over there, perhaps? (Please bring an interesting
photo of yourself with you!)

de Bono Society - the Home of Interest



A thought once thought cannot be unthought - Edward de Bono

It is impossible to delete information from this universe - Wei Dai



(612) 9389 4239 or 0431 723 001

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