The two shapes of quantum or comp immortality

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 16:56:50 +0200


Charles Goodwin sent this very interesting information on the FOR-
list, which shows that Fred Hoyle did foreseen Quantum Suicide in 1964:

<< -
the last bit, where we get Hoyle's description of what is effectively a
quantum suicide experiment, published in 1964!

Actually I think that Fred Hoyle is close to the comp or arithmetical
immortality, by its pigeon holes analogy, except for its use of the
consciousness spot which is not needed: each comp states defines its
own spot relatively to the (infinitely many) universal machines or

The text by Fred Hoyle is quite amazing. Those who have still in mind
the last conversation we had on the everything list in the thread
"Personal identity and ethics" can see that Fred Hoyle, when talking
on "the same consciousness" for all sequence of pigeon holes, is
close to the two shapes of immortality consistent with the
computationalist hypothesis: the one with amnesia, the one without.


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