Re: Everything is Just a Memory

From: Russell Standish <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 100 12:18:57 +1100 (EST)

Fritz wrote:

> I have spent some time thinking about conciousness and how it relates to
> time, and here are my thoughts:
> I agree with most of what GSLevy said. However, what is it that links two
> observer moments? The answer: memory. The *only* reason you even have a
> perception of other observer moments is because you remember them within
> another observer moment. In fact, when you are experiencing one observer
> moment, it is not necessary for any previous observer moments to exist (or
> have existed) at all, because they are still perceived in exactly the same
> way within the current observer moment regardless.

And more stuff in the same vein - deleted for brevity.

This argument is not too different from solipsism. The basic arguments
against solipsism - eg David Deutsch's exposition in FOR apply here. I
have criticised Jaques in the past when he has ventured in this
territory. Fine - believe that if you will. However, you'll just end
up having discussions with yourself about God, or the number of angels
that can dance on the head of pin. The rest of us will go our merry
way, and talk about interesting stuff.


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