Re: [Fwd: NDPR David Shoemaker, Personal Identity and Ethics: A Brief Introduction]

From: Günther Greindl <>
Date: Thu, 05 Mar 2009 11:15:42 +0100

Hi Stathis,

>> It is at least conceivable that the collection of particles that is me
>> could undergo some environmental interaction such that *all* the
>> following entangled branches decohere into states that do *not* map to
>> the emergent class of "me, being conscious." Then I would be dead.
> It seems possible, but in that case the QTI would be wrong. Also, it
> isn't clear that the MWI says that everything that can happen, does
> happen, even though that is how it is sometimes characterised.

Indeed, that is what Jonathan (I guess) and I (definitely) have been

In fact, I am quite sure that MWI in it's current form implies that not
everything (a priori physically plausible) happens - interference of
histories is (I think) showing us that.

With COMP it is not so clear.

Best Wishes,

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