Re: [Fwd: NDPR David Shoemaker, Personal Identity and Ethics: A Brief Introduction]

From: GŁnther Greindl <>
Date: Thu, 05 Mar 2009 11:10:34 +0100

HI Bruno,

>>> Indeed, that would be like if a number could make disappear another
>>> number. Even a God cannot do that!
>> The idea would be rather that some continuations would correspond
>> to non-existent numbers, like, say, the natural number between 3 and
>> 4.
> I am not sure I understand. If the continuation uses non existent
> numbers, the continuation does not exist, or it is an inconsistent
> continuation, that is a cul-de-sac world. I can prove that 0 = 1, if
> there is a natural number between 3 and 4.
> A god cannot make disappear a natural number, nor introduce a natural
> number where there is none. It seems to me.

We are just talking a little past each other. To recap:

I initially meant that it would be possible, in a teleportation
experiment, that aliens prevent any copies from being instantiated.

You then said that that would be equivalent to making disappear a
number, which is not possible.

My idea was rather that the instantiations would not correspond to
numbers in the first place - that is why the aliens could destroy the
machine (it follows from 3-det that something _had_ to happen to prevent
successor states which wouldn't correspond to numbers).

So, of course nobody can introduce new numbers - but if there were
successor states which would require new numbers, that would mean that
QI is false - there a cul de sacs (modus tollens).

Best Wishes,

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