Re: Bruno's Brussels Thesis English Version Chap 1 (trial translation)

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 19:55:46 +0100


> Thanks for the corrections - not only did I improve my understanding
> of the thesis in closely translating the language, but had enormous
> fun! I am up to the diagrammatic part and will stop here for the
> time being, to catch my breath and also to try and understand the
> Jaques Mallah thread as best I can.

No problem. Happy that you take fun in the translation.

> GŁnther recommends recently the book "Eveything Must Go" by Ladyman
> et al. This looks like heavy going but seems like a good and a
> relevant tome to get into, possibly circling around the mechanist
> idea. Do you also recommend it?

I met Ladyman in Dubrovnic. Very nice guy. But from the Amazon "Look
inside" I have not found reference on Everett, or Church or anything
indicating he circled around the mechanist idea. Judge by yourself by
reading the introduction on the Amazon Look Inside, if you are
interested go for it, but be careful not running on too many horses.

> Available from Amazon at a hefty price but might be worth it.
> Looking forward to the creative maths assignments - but take your
> time; we only live once but we live forever

  I will.



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