Re: Bruno's Brussels Thesis English Version Chap 1 (trial translation)

From: Kim Jones <>
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 21:35:35 +1100


Thanks for the corrections - not only did I improve my understanding
of the thesis in closely translating the language, but had enormous
fun! I am up to the diagrammatic part and will stop here for the time
being, to catch my breath and also to try and understand the Jaques
Mallah thread as best I can. GŁnther recommends recently the book
"Eveything Must Go" by Ladyman et al. This looks like heavy going but
seems like a good and a relevant tome to get into, possibly circling
around the mechanist idea. Do you also recommend it? Available from
Amazon at a hefty price but might be worth it.

Looking forward to the creative maths assignments - but take your
time; we only live once but we live forever



On 10/02/2009, at 2:54 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

> On 07 Feb 2009, at 04:47, Kim Jones wrote:
>> (see BroukŤre 1982),
> It is (see de BrouckŤre 1982) Note the "c", and the "de".
>> Phenomena of genetic regulation with regard to mechanism are
>> eloquent [elegant?=poss. error:] Kim)
> It is "eloquent" (indeed). Perhaps it would be clearer to say:
> "Phenomena of genetic regulation are eloquent with regard to
> Mechanism".
> Mechanism is "Mechanist Philosophy" and so a capital M is better
> suited (I am afraid that you are not just translating my 1994
> thesis, but you are correcting it ! Well, don't worry, this can be
> done at a second pass.
> I have no other remark. Excellent job. I guess that now I have not
> escape but to seriously introduce you to math for respecting the
> deal. Good move Kim :)
> This will be done asap, through little posts. The plan is: Numbers
> ==> functions ===> computable functions ===> computations ===> the
> seventh step (of the UDA).
> Best,
> Bruno

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