Re: Consciousness and free will

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 18:51:00 +0100

Hi Ronald,

(Please let me quickly say something to Abram and Jason:
Abram, Jason, I will have to go. I will comment your posts tomorrow) wrote:
> Bruno:
> We may be talking different thing but the TOE for Physics does not
> exist yet.

I agree. But there are interesting candidates like superstrings and
loop gravity, except that they are still not taking the observer
seriously enough, imo. The mind-body problem is still under the rug,
and this makes them not really "everything theory" .

> I would think it would be QM and General Relativity and
> other things we do not know.

No doubt the TOE has to mary QM and GR in some way, ... and without
eliminating consciousness (the only data I can't doubt?).

> Could this program be running an evolving mathematical structure
> or maybe you prefer evolving block universe/multiverse?

I think none, although strictly speaking it is an open problem. Taking
the risk of looking a bit too much poetical, but for being short and
being able to provide you with an image, I would say that, as a
theorem of computer science, numbers dream, and "sometimes" share
dreams. You can look at a dream as a piece of a surface. Physical
realities becomes dreams sharing, built from invariant in those
dreams. The surfaces glue together and create bigger surfaces, but for
some reason, it is not clear if all surfaces glues sufficiently well
to define an absolute physical reality on the kind needed for block
multiverse. Evolving block multiverse? I am not sure, I don't know.
The physical world will be a bit secondary, like the border of the
ignorance of the universal machine. Thanks to Godel, Lob, Solovay
(logicians who made key works among others) eventually that
"ignorance" has a mathematical structure. Eventually this will make
the computationalist theory testable (and in some sense Everett QM
confirms already some weird features of the comp hyp. Everett QM is QM
without collapse, I guess you know).



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