Re: Consciousness and free will

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008 11:59:22 +0100

Hi John,

> Bruno,
> I wanted to submit some reflections to M.A. but you did it better.
> Two words, however, I picked out:
> 1. bifurcate
> I consider it a human narrowness to expect "anything" to split in TWO
> (only) - Nature (the existence?) does not 'count'.
> It has unlimited varants and the choices come under the 2nd word I
> picked out:

Doesn't amoebas split in two?
Assuming Everett is correct, doesn't observers split in many when
observing a superposed states?
Assuming comp, am I not splitting in two, from a third person
perpective in the duplication Washington-Moscow?

> 2. (free?) WILL 
> The 'Free Will' is the invention of the religious trend to invoke
> responsibility and punishment.

Or of any justice system. If not, we should substitute all jails for
asylums. Perhaps we should?

> In 'my' position-kind even 'Will" implies some personal(?) decision
> instead of a deterministic consequence of relations all over acting
> upon the observed change of the observed item.

I believe that "free-will" is compatible with determinism (old
discussion). Free will is a form of self-determinism.

> As for the elusive consciousness?
> 'my' attempt to find some generalized and widened identification for
> all those different things people (as is said) 'everybody knows what
> it is' (but many in different ways <G>), I ended up with the ID (first
> published 1992):
>        Acknowledgement of and response 
>                 to information (changes?)
> (considering it rather a process than only an 'awareness'.) I posted
> this on several lists for psych, mind, consciousness, even diverse
> complexities and did NOT get a refusal over the 15 years). Acceptance
> neither. So I thought: Si tacent, clamant (or dormiunt?)
> I hold one thing for sure: Ccness (whatever it may be) is NOT a
> 'thing' callable 'physical'.

We agree on this.



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