Re: Contradiction. Was: Probability

From: A. Wolf <>
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2008 20:59:17 -0500

> What is your objection to the existence of list-universes? Are they not
> internally consistent "mathematical" structures? Are you claiming that whatever
> the list is, rules of inference can be derived (using what process?) and thence
> they will be found to be inconsistent?

You're reeeeally confused here. I don't suggest your list-universes
are inconsistent; quite the opposite.

I thought you brought up the list-universe example as if to say "if we
look at any universe as a list of states, then how can it be
inconsistent". To which I responded with "that's not a good example
because most universes can't be discretised to a simple list of
states". In other words, I can't come up with an simple example of an
inconsistent list-of-states-universe, but that doesn't mean all
universes are consistent, because most universes aren't like your
simplified example.


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