Intuitive Quantum Mechanis

From: GŁnther Greindl <>
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 22:19:30 +0200

Hi List :-)

In the last post to Bruno I mentioned the blog, which
is one of the best blogs out there :-)

It recently had a series by Eli (about 20 posts) explaining quantum
mechanics in MWI interpretation very intuitively; could be of interest
to some readers on the list.

(Bruno, I think you would enjoy this one:
nice narrative on splitting people)

The series is 26 posts long, together with the many links to previous
posts on general rationality (Eli's posts are always good and to the
point) this could take quite some time reading, but it is time well
spent (I posted the links because the blog is difficult to navigate: you
could go backwards from the last post (and possibly miss something
because of path splitting and there is no way to navigate forward
directly, so here for your convenience the direct links :-)) (I hope I
didn't get any posts jumbled up)



GŁnther Greindl
Department of Philosophy of Science
University of Vienna
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