Re: All feedback appreciated - An introduction to Algebraic Physics

From: Brian Tenneson <>
Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 08:55:32 -0700


to finish...
For all devices x,
if x is complex is some sense then x is conscious in some (possibly other)

 In other words, for all devices x, (a) -logically entails- (b):
(a) there is a partition D_t of t such that T(x; R, D_t) = 1
(b) there is a partition (D_t)' of t such that T(x; C, (D_t)') = 1.

Basically, when I continue my so called algebraic physics paper, I will
probably see how far I can get by not defining C. I do at least have a
notion for R: it will be a standardized measure of pseudo-randomness or
complexity that at least fairly measures all devices and has no bias....

On Wed, May 14, 2008 at 8:51 AM, Brian Tenneson <> wrote:
What I mean here can be stated now:
Let R be a device measure pertaining to complexity, such as akin Kolomogorov
complexity and C be a to-be-determined device measure about consciousness.
For all devices x,
  if T(x; R, D_t) = 1, for some D_t, THEN

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