RE: Observer Moment or Observer Space?

From: Hal Ruhl <>
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 20:55:16 -0500

Hi Russell:

[My current mail client does not work the way I like and I can not spend the
time to insert ">"s in the right places so this indicator of who said what
will be missing from my posts for awhile, I will use an "xxx" separator for
my responses.]

> Selecting out space like aspects would inject net information into the
> Everything - the out selection - so given a time dimension space
> seem unavoidable.

I'm not sure this follows. A single bit process can exist in zero
dimensional space. However, perhaps single bit processes are too


I have found the "no selection" tool rather useful, so I will stick with it
in this case for the time being.


> I have constructed models in which matter is itself just a distortion of
> discrete point] space time.
> If applicable, these types of matter models would make matter a direct
> consequence of the space and time aspects.

I suspect that something like this will explain matter eventually, so
good luck with your theorizing. I'm personally intrigued by the Helon
model, but don't really have the smarts to do anything with it.


I will look at this and dust off my old stuff, which I have not looked at
for several years.


Why don't you see this transition as a form of information processing?
The transistions may be rather accidental in your model, but this is
from a bird view perspective. From the frog perspective, the
transitions must appear to be information processing.


I will accept that for now.

Importantly it seem to move the two points of view closer together

Hal Ruhl

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