Re: Discussion of Logic re Physics

From: Kim Jones <>
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 17:19:54 +1100

Purest attention-seeking behaviour. Playground antics. "Talk about
what I wanna talk about!!!"

The people in this forum have been having a conversation that has
lasted over a decade.

We get Tegmark on this list occasionally. He, like you, needs to
acquaint himself more with the core concepts of THIS discussion.
In his last post to us he admitted as much.

Go through the archives of this list and look at what we have been
talking about. Once you have read all of that, maybe get back to us

Kim Jones

On 07/03/2008, at 1:43 PM, Brian Tenneson wrote:

> By trolling, I mean that by the third post in my thread, nothing there
> is directly connected to any ideas in my original post.

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