Re: Discussion of Logic re Physics

From: Brian Tenneson <>
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 21:09:46 -0800 (PST)

On Mar 6, 1:46 pm, James N Rose <>
> Brian,
> Thank you for starting this thread on Logic and
> Contemporary science/math/physics.
> I am amazed that there isn't more written on it,
> since in my own approach - which comes at a TOE
> by General Systems Theory analysis - I saw early
> on that a profound relation exists from Platonic
> times to now - and includes QM, Boolean thought
> and even Fuzzy Logic and complexity mathematic.
> The current problem is that no one has put them
> all into a kladistic house - comparing relations and
> definitions.
> Before I jump into a random exposition of my thinking,
> what are your impressions about logic, math, materiality,
> et al.?
> Jamie Rose

I will respond to this when I have more time tomorrow but, basically,
I am a Platonist or Spinozist and I think logic as being of
metamathematics (the math about math). Furthermore, Fuzzy Logic is
simply a generalization of logic. I do believe that FL (Fuzzy Logic)
has the potential as providing interesting examples of mathematical
structures that Tegmark mentions in his recent Mathematical Universe
Hypothesis paper.

You see a lot of logic, ie, metamathematics, in his "beyond the
standard model" papers, and I think there is a connection to the Greek
schools of thought.

While the MUH is just a hypothesis, it is the one I personally guess,
for want of better term, is correct.

The issues is that experimental evidence has not (and can not?)
confirm or deny the MUH. To me, that is not a problem. I think we
can tell about the universe in science, philosophy, and mathematics.
Just different parts and different questions are better suited to each

However, if the MUH is true, then the deepest nature of the universe
is a mathematical inquiry rather than a physics inquiry.

Any other questions, like for clarification about my ideas, and
especially if you spot errors in my reasoning regarding the link in my
first post, please feel free to pull no analytical punches as that's
the only way to improve.

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