Re: assumptions

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 15:32:27 +0100

Le 21-févr.-08, à 15:01, Lennart Nilsson a écrit :

> Oh, I am very much proEverett and proDeutsch and, I might add
> proStandish
> (having translated his book Theory of Nothing into swedish). And you
> are
> right of course, it was your assumptions I questioned...

OK, and I said : "No problem then", because (as a logician perhaps) I
seldomly discuss assumptions.

But still, although I agree with Mirek that comp (as I define it, i.e.
CT + "yes doctor") is a very strong hypothesis, the negation of it is
also quite strong, if not stronger. For believing in non-comp, you have
to believe in actual physical infinities and/or in genuine third person
indeterminacy (like copenhagen and anti-everettist). You could perhaps
elaborate abit, if you have the time.


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