Re: UDA paper

From: Tom Caylor <>
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 11:27:23 -0800 (PST)

On Feb 22, 7:32 am, Bruno Marchal <> wrote:
> I reassure you: I think that
> was exceptional! Presently I am not so lucky because I have been break
> in yesterday, and my home computer has been stolen with all the
> attached devices including the main backup disk. I will have to rewrite
> hundreds of unfinished papers...  . Sorry to bother you with that,
> actually.
> Have a super nice wedding, and take all the time you need to read the
> few papers I have finished,
> Bruno

I'm also sorry to hear that, Bruno. Hundreds of unfinished papers!
Whoa! Good and bad. Some mourning to do. Mourning is good. I just
taught a lesson this morning on the Lamentations (in the old testament
poetic writings). First step of restoration ("getting back what was
lost") is stepping back and taking a deep breath and accepting where
we are now, accepting present reality. Then it is remembering "the
precious things". In your case it could be the precious kernels of
gold in all your work that was lost. Mourning the loss, but
celebrating that it was a loss that contained something that was very
valuable, that you actually had something valuable in all of that, and
no one can ever take that from you. You will probably find that the
kernel has something to do with relationships: with other persons,
with Truth. Third is to realize that we cannot restore our life/
strength/soul ourselves (this is where most of us get stuck a lot).
Counter to the modern/reductionist approach, restoring what was lost
does not depend on simply re-writing papers. It has to come from the
Source of all. This can be an opportunity to remember (or find out in
a new way) what really matters. A side note: it is interesting that
in your pursuit of truth there is a lot that remains unfinished, it
seems even more than what has been finished. I think this is a
comment/tribute to your theories, that truth is found on the forever-
unfinished border between the known and unknown. It is a journey!
Take courage. And thanks for your contributions to our thinking.


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