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Le 20-févr.-08, à 17:15, Lennart Nilsson a écrit :

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>> It arises from the fact
>> that my classical state is duplicable...
> And of course your quantumstate is not...
> So your argument that the duplication can be said to be on any level,

Perhaps. This is ambiguous. The comp hyp *assumes* that there is a
level of description of me such that "I survive" (= I experience no
change) when my "body" (= the thing on which my consciousness
supervenes on) is piece by piece substituted at that level.

> including a whole universe if need be,

... just In the (not plausible but logically conceivable) case my
"body" (see above) *is* the whole physical universe. In *that* case,
by definition, the comp hyp asks the whole physical universe to be
turing-emulable. This is akin to a form of cosmic solipsism.
If this is true Schmidhuber and constructive physicists would be
(almost trivially) right. But, they would still be strategically wrong
by *assuming* this at the start, wrong with respect to the mind-body
problem (or with respect to the problem of the relation between first
and third person discourses). The UD Argument is supposed to show that
the comp hypothesis forces us to derive the physics from a
"probability" bearing on the machine's personal (hopefully plural
first person) comp histories, if the UD A is correct.

> is not an airproof argument?

What argument? I think you are only discussing the meaning of the
starting assumption here. Have you grasp the whole 8-steps argument? If
I'm wrong or unclear just tell me where and let us discuss where the
precise problems are. Please keep in mind that I am open to the idea
that the physics extracted from comp is incompatible with the empirical
physics making comp not sustain by empirical evidences.
Perhaps you could also tell me what is your opinion on Everett or
Deutsch. People who dislikes Everett's work could hardly appreciate



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