Re: One solution to the Measure Problem: UTM outputs a qualia, not a universe

From: Wei Dai <>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 17:04:15 -0700

Hal wrote:
> Yes, as you note later this is very similar to the concept I called
> UD+ASSA or just UDASSA and described in a series of postings to this
> list back in 2005. It was not original with me but actually was based
> on an idea of Wei Dai, who founded this last way back in 1998. I was
> working at one point on the site to bring the ideas together
> but never finished it. I'm surprised that guy found it, I don't recall
> mentioning that URL. Must have let it slip sometime!

It appears that the post where I originally proposed this idea is missing
from the Google Groups archive. Something must have gone wrong when I
imported the group archive into Google Groups, or data rot got to it. The archive is in even worse shape, missing everything from
before Sept 2006.

Fortunately a third archive at seems still complete, and the post
can be found here:

As Hal notes on his website, I've since moved away from this position. I've
explain my reasons on the mailing list as they occurred to me (for example
and but
perhaps I should write down a summary for the new members.

PS, if anyone wants to download the complete raw mailing list archive in
zipped Unix mailbox format, please email me privately.

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