Here's to Eternity

From: <>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 01:06:44 -0700

We are all playing the game of 'Eternity' ;) I have uploaded to the
list my final version of the top-level 'solution' to the puzzle of
eternity. (Revised yet again but this one is the very last -

The page is my domain model for all reality at the highest possible
level of abstraction. I am the supreme master of system analysis.
My system analyses don't lie. ( I have the qualifications to prove it
- straight A's and B's in programming and DP modelling papers from AUT
University) I tell you that this domain model is the solution to
everything. For those who seek a clue, the answers are there.

But in any event, the 27 named subject areas are a good 'pointer' to
what subjects new-comers to reality theory need to research. It's a
good arrow to point new-comers in the right direction.

"Five card stud, nothing wild, the skies the limit"

Good luck ringers.

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