Re: Asifism revisited.

From: David Nyman <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 11:51:45 +0100

On 10/07/07, Torgny Tholerus <> wrote:

> But I am not bored

I'm glad to hear you're not a zombie after all :)

> If I look at our universe from the outside

I'd like to know how you perform this feat.

> I see that I will do something
> tomorrow

I don't doubt it. But this is my point: your ability to 'see' this
depends on your being able to discriminate differences dynamically.
You may nevertheless believe that, from a "gods' eye" perspective, the
context which instantiates this is nonetheless 'static'. But this
should surely be a sharp reminder that we aren't gods. We can't "look
at our universe from the outside". We can only pose it questions 'from
within', and both the manner of our enquiring, and the content of the
answers we receive, are consequently constrained in highly specific
ways. This, I think, is the point of Bruno's methodology. It's also
the point of my insistence on 'reflexivity'. The "gods' eye view" is
a just manner of speaking, not a manner of 'existing'.


> David Nyman skrev:
> On 09/07/07, <> wrote:
> There can be no dynamic time. In the space-time, time is always
> static.
> Then you must get very bored ;)
> David
> But I am not bored, because I don't know what will happen tomorrow. If I
> look at our universe from the outside, I see that I will do something
> tomorrow, and I see what will happen in one million years. There will never
> be any changes in the situations that will happen in the future.
> But it is impossible to know today what will happen in the future, because
> we can not have total knowledge about how the universe looks like just now.
> If we try to find the exact position and the exact speed of an electron,
> then that electron will be disturbed by me looking at it. So it is
> impossible for me to compute how our universe will look like tomorrow. But
> the rules of our universe decide what our universe will look like tomorrow.
> --
> Torgny Tholerus
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